Testing is an integral part of product development, qualification and evaluation of system performance. Even though computer simulation helps to eliminate some interaction steps, final practical steps remain a necessity and these are achieved through simulated test rigs.

The product validation is either as per LIPE test conditions or as per customer specific test conditions.

The test engineers are experienced with defining test parameters, performing tests, processing test results and making statistical evaluations.

SETCO has designed various test rigs for testing the ultimate product and few of the test rigs used are given below for various parameters.

  • Hysterisis
  • Balancing
  • Drag torque test rig
  • Endurance testing
    • Disc endurance test rig
    • Cover endurance test rig
    • Cushion spring endurance test rig
  • Moment of Inertia test rig
  • Static slip torque test rig
  • Functional Build Rig
  • Load checking and deflection

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